Billing and Fees

Consultations. Unfortunately we do not provide free consultations. In our view, consultations are serious confidential matters, often time consuming and fact intensive, and clients deserve a considered viewpoint. However, in order to ameliorate concerns over spending large sums in order to simply determine whether a case exists or not, we provide consultations at a flat rate of $100.00 regardless of the time we spend during the consultation. Payment is expected at or before the consultation.

Fee Agreements. Fee agreements may be hourly or contingent, depending upon the nature of the case. Rule 1.5 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, however, prohibits contingency fee agreements for criminal or domestic relations matters. Rule 1.5 requires that all fee agreements governing the scope of representation and fee arrangement be in writing except for regularly represented clients. If we decide to accept your case, we will promptly prepare a written fee agreement for you to review and sign. In addition to fees, we routinely charge for costs. Costs include filing fees, service fees, copying and long distance charges, and other out-of-pocket costs related to your matter.

Billing. As Abraham Lincoln once said, the only thing an attorney can sell is his or her time and expertise. The firm uses an automated system for recording time and costs. Clients are billed monthly with an itemization of all time and costs incurred. Unless other arrangements have been made, payment is due upon receipt of billing.